Advantages of a
Metal Buildings from Future Buildings
Our mission as Christ followers is to passionately love God,
Hillcrest is a place to celebrate God’s great love for us through the Arts!

Advantages of a Metal Buildings from Future Buildings

about us

Like most churches, Hillcrest is a collection of ordinary people that live in the real world, face ordinary struggles and experience both the pain and joys of life.  Though ordinary, we believe each person is created with unique personality, dreams and abilities to fulfill a God-given purpose that gives meaning and excitement to life.

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Prayer Life

Prayer is foundational to our faith.  Our Lord specifically taught us how to pray, which should emphasize the importance do so regularly and deliberately. Prayer is available and encouraged after every Sunday Celebration Service at the front of the sanctuary and at other specific times.

prayer life

Why Missions?

At Hillcrest we participate in missions through the support of long-term missionaries, and through short-term missions trips. Some of the missionaries we support work in areas hostile to the preaching of the Gospel in areas such as India and Iraq. We cannot publicize their activities in order to maintain their safety.

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